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Izutaro @ Collectors & Hobbies Fest 2018

 Izutaro @ Collectors & Hobbies Fest 2018

Hi and welcome to my blog! I know i know this article are way too late, I got busy. But you guys still want to see what were happend last CHF right? Here some random photos that we took when we were at the event. We also open a booth there. There is not much photos from us but I hope you guys love it. 

There are lot things happend actual, I supposed to upload a video but, all my videos are gone, so maybe next time!

Do you know this guy? His name is Naze, he is the one who make this huge event possible!

We exchange our artwork! Thanks Anaqi!

#izutaro #plarobo #chf3

HGBF Try Burning Gundam Custom Paint by Putra Shining

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